Your Pet's Surgery

Veterinary Surgical Care

Your pet's safety and comfort are our highest priorities during all surgical procedures. Whether your pet needs a routine spay or neuter procedure or requires a more complex soft-tissue surgical procedure, we can help. For more complex orthopedic surgical cases, we may refer you to a local board-certified veterinary surgeon.

Your Pet's Surgery

We strive to make surgery as stress-free and comfortable as possible for you and your pet. Prior to surgery, your pet receives a complete physical exam that helps us create an anesthesia protocol that's unique to your pet.

McKillip Animal Hospital uses modern anesthetic technology (including isoflurane and sevoflourane anesthesia) to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free during all surgical procedures. An IV catheter, fluid administration, pulse oximetry monitors, cardiac and body temperature monitors plus other advanced procedures are employed to monitor your pet's vital signs and keep him or her safe during surgery. A skilled veterinary technician is present throughout the surgery to monitor your pet's condition.

Pain Management And Pets

Pain management is an important part of our surgical protocol. The less pain your pet experiences before, during and after surgery, the faster he or she recovers. Our standard procedure at McKillip Animal Hospital is based around pain elimination and we are dedicated to perfecting that art. Your pet receives pain management medication before, during and following surgery. Additional pain medication may be sent home with your pet. Whatever the situation, we want to provide your beloved pet with a painless and stress-free experience.